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We approach our chiropractic adjustments in the best interest of the patient.  We use the Koren Specific Technique to locate and correct subluxations (spinal area with abnormal motion) anywhere in the body.  The Koren Specific Technique allows the practitioner to adjust the entire structural system, including the cranial bones.

KST uses a light force that makes adjustments last longer and heal deeper.  The technique's gentle approach makes adjustments comfortable for all age ranges.



Experience the results of traditional acupuncture but without the needles.  

Matrix Repatterning

Matrix repatterning is a new way of understanding, assessing and restoring balance within the body.  It is a form of gentle manual therapy that restores structural balance, eliminates pain and improves overall health by resolving the problem at the source - the cellular and molecular levels.

Weight Loss

The Thin for Life weight loss program is a revolutionary way to lose weight, by resetting your metabolism.  The program includes a 5-week diet plan with food choice list, customized homeopathic weight loss drops to assist with keeping on the strict diet and weekly weigh-ins to track progress.

Nutrition Consultation

Dr Russell's vast knowledge and experience with nutrition can get you on the right path to healthy living.  Each patient is personally advised with their own customized plan based on quantum nutrition.


QEST4 is a bio-energetic approach to finding natural relief for many health issues.  Our quantum approach provides patients with the tools to harness the synergy between homeopathics, nutritionals and botanicals.  Our protocols offer professional solutions for detoxification, pathogens, hormone balance and weight management.

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